3 Great Home Workouts For Seniors

With shelter at home orders in almost all 50 states, a large majority of senior citizens have lost their places of daily activity. Gyms are closed, community pools have been restricted, and other regular haunts have found themselves out of the commission for the foreseeable future. Yet, for many elderly individuals, there is still a great untapped exercise area: their home! 

While seniors shelter in place, exercising from home is a great way to stay healthy, entertained, and in good spirits. With the help of caregivers and a home health aide in Boynton Beach, FL, seniors can use online resources to enact a daily regimen. The following will explore just a few home workout options that seniors can do!

1. Stretch It Out With Yoga

Yoga is not solely for sweaty rooms that are heavily perfumed with incense! In fact, adopting a home yoga practice is a wonderful way for seniors to strengthen their core while lengthening their muscles. The emphasis on balance, breath control, and flexibility have been shown to help elderly individuals enhance fall prevention and practice calming techniques.

In fact, according to the American Centers for Disease Control, yoga helped lower the blood pressure of “more than 60% of men and women over the age of 65.” Thus, through yoga, seniors can practice healthy habits while social distancing!

2. Try Your Hand At Tai Chi

Tai chi is a wonderful home practice for seniors to adopt. With elements of meditation, concentrated breathing, and intentional movement, tai chi is an effective method for maintaining senior’s physical health. Like yoga, the emphasis on balance has been shown to strengthen senior’s cores and increase ankle stability. 

Tai chi has also been shown to increase overall health in those with preexisting conditions. According to a recent article by Lifeline, this practice has been shown to “increase strength and function for people with chronic or serious illnesses, such as cancer.” 

3. Consider Going Digital

Another great form of indoor exercise involves interactive motion video games, such as Nintendo’s Wii and Xbox’s kinect. Just because seniors can’t go to their favorite activities doesn’t mean that their favorite activities can’t come to them! 

With the advent of the digital age, a plethora of physical sports have been commodified into an electronic world. Seniors can bowl, go for a walk, and play tennis, all from the comfort of their own home. In fact, they can even join the likes of Dennis Berkholtz’s National Senior League of Wii Bowling!

Thanks to Expicare Nursing Agency for their insight into in-home nursing care and home workouts for seniors.